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Mind body and spirit

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Reiki is a service provided to help balance out the body emotionally, physically and spiritually. It has helped many people suffering from feelings of anxiety, depression, grief,  unbalance, stress, and many more emotions. Reiki can be useful as a tool to help people sort through traumatic experiences the body has continued to hold on to for years.  It's a very relaxing and soul awakening experience.

Reiki classes offered also-  Level I II III $175 per level class. Wake up your inner connection and help others heal. 

Medical Massage

Massage therapy at AH wellness is not cookie cutter. It is specific to each client and their needs as pain is different for everyone. The Massage Therapy at AH wellness is one of uniting the mind body and spirit through physical muscle manipulation creating a perfect healing environment inside the body to aide in recovery from injury, aches, pains and chronic illness. AH wellness provides specific massage healing for many who suffer from autoimmune disorders, emotional pain, arthritis, migraines and more. 


Counseling at AH wellness is offered to anyone that wants guidance in the journey of finding their best self. This can mean children and adults. This can mean couples or singles. The journey is interactive and the client counselor partnership is one of encouragement, confidential, non judgmental and professional. 

Freedom of Self Retreat  :

2 full days of intensive, soul cleansing, deep healing and exploration of self through group meditations, reiki, various interactive therapy techniques. Techniques to break bonds and attachments from  fears that have been holding you back from living up to your fullest potential.  

Retreat dates : February 29th - March 1st   9:30-5pm


Reserve spot by February 8th